Heaven & Earth House


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Room 1

The Heaven & Earth House Structure:

  • Surreal Arts House built underground with lighting installations and
  • 12 meters above ground, 35m2 space features reading area, sun roof, wine bar, surround sound stereo system with adjunct balcony and ensuite toilette
  • Paradise on a Tree House filled with natural sunlight during the day and dreamy light up floating sculptures at night

The Amenities:

  • Air-con, stereo system, cabinets, mini fridge, mini bar, fresh flowers, clean wet towel, tea, coffee, fan
  • Own Ensuite Shower + Shared Toilette

The Host:

Dao Anh Khanh is a famous contemporary artist in Vietnam in dance performance and fine arts. His arts works and performances have graced the front pages of the New York Times, BBC and the like. In person, he is charming, charismatic, friendly and a great host.

Khanh also likes to host occasional house party, dinner banquet for the guests. Khanh’s housekeeper Minh is an absolutely fantastic cook.

Common Areas:

  • Spacious Studio and breathtaking garden view
  • Central building, kitchen, dining room, tea lounge, fireplace
  • Garden, Tikki Bar, Garden Shower, Shisha Bar
  • Arts gallery with beautiful paintings, sculptures and much more
  • Occasional Arts Performance/ Show by Khanh and his artist friends


Homemade Dinner for one person

$15.00 / package

Homemade Dinner for two persons

$30.00 / package

Homemade Dinner for three persons

$45.00 / package

Homemade Dinner for four persons

$60.00 / package